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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Active Skill?


Active Skill is a leader in real estate app notifications. We provide a service for both buyers and sellers of wholesale properties. Our focus is on simplifying the wholesale real estate market. By signing up for our paid service you can receive updates straight to your phone, your email or our website.

We offer!


1. Cheapest membership to an exclusive marketplace.
2. Wholesale deals on land, commercial and residential Property!
3. Real deals and opportunities in a very private real estate environment.
4. Wholesale deals on flippers.
5. Bulk land deals not seen anywhere else.

How does it work?


It's simple!

1. Sign Up for an account.
2. Get an Active Skill Exclusive Membership.
3. Download an app of your choice.
4. Start receiving daily deals!

How do I download the Active Skill apps?


Open the Android Market or Apple App Store and search for Active Skill, download, login and you're ready to go.

How do I contact Active Skill?


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